Pins and Needles

I may have done a reckless thing.

I signed up for a writing contest yesterday. I noticed it in my feed last year, but the entry fee put me off. But this year…even though I don’t have the most reliable income, I signed up. (I didn’t sign up until the last minute, so that’s why I haven’t made previous mention of it here. But it’s NYC Midnight’s big annual writing contest, if anyone else has entered.)

And, of course, because I wasn’t paying attention to time zones, I didn’t notice the commencement email in my inbox. So I’ve lost half an hour (of a week, so it’s nothing drastic.)

It’s been an age since I’ve sent my fiction to anyone for critique. At least this time I’ll get notes back from the judges.

And this time, I’ll be making extra sure that I format my entry correctly! This thing cost me enough, I’m not getting disqualified for something silly.

Wish me luck! I’m off to read that commencement email.

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1 Response to Pins and Needles

  1. Benjamin Maybe says:

    Good luck! I did it one year and had a blast, even though I did not make it past the first round. My only issue was I never heard from them again, no feed back, nothing. So just make sure you get your money’s worth and hound them for the critique if you don’t get it, and once again good luck!

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