It’s a Good Kind of Tired!

It’s been a busy weekend!

The Witchery Market was on Saturday, and it. Was. GLORIOUS.

Everything started on Friday. I was basically done my prep (except for getting the listings up in my shop…procrastinated on that one. Oops.) But Mom was still scrambling, so I headed down in the afternoon to help her. A few hours later, we were due at the hall. The Masons at Acacia Hall were lovely enough to let us shuffle tables around that night, so we didn’t have to get up quite so early on Saturday.

Which didn’t stop Mom and I from sleeping in on Saturday. We were both just getting up when we should have been leaving. And Mom had the key to the hall. Haha, oops.

But we hustled and got down there early enough. Only one vendor was waiting on us. Set-up was fairly smooth, aside from people trying to take up more space than they were allowed. Doors opened at ten…to a line up of people anxious to get in.

And we were slammed for the next six hours. Our version of a “lull” was “entrance not jammed with people.” Almost all of the vendors were constantly busy. The readers had a constant line up. I had to watch my mom’s table at times, too, so that made things interesting. I didn’t even get a chance to peruse the other tables, except for those directly across from me. All of the vendors had good sales. I sold out of one of my bracelet designs within an hour, and the necklace that I’d made specifically for the market sold, too.

I’m pretty sure none of the psychic readers had a break (I could be wrong, as I was essentially tethered to my table.) The food vendor certainly didn’t get a chance to sit. And the presentations were well-attended. There were so many people that there was no way anyone could have kept track of the numbers.

I’ve been in Acacia Hall a couple of times, but I still haven’t seen the ritual space upstairs. I hear that it’s just beautiful. But we were far too busy downstairs for me to attend any of the presentations.

About forty minutes before closing, it finally slowed enough that us vendors could take a breath. Though we still had to chase people out at closing time so we could clear out and clean up in time for the final inspection.

As with any new ventures, there were some bumps. Nothing too extreme. Vendors were happy. Readers were happy. Presenters were happy. And the Masons were happy with how we left the hall, so there will be another Witchery Market.

Today was a trip to a trade show to stock Mom’s store. It’s always exhausting, not only due to the size of the venue (1.1km from one end to the other,) but the number of people. Also, the name tags. I hate name tags. Few things weird me out more than a random person I don’t know addressing me by name.

And tomorrow…back to writing, I think. I’m feeling a bit rusty.

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