Daily Divulge: On To New Things

So I didn’t get any helpful advice from the writing group. Just frustration.

I’m ending the first part on a cliffhanger. I have to. If I keep writing on this project, I will move from shaky ground into dangerous obsession/compulsion. I know too well what’s coming next. I need to shift gears and work on something new, something less familiar. Something that makes me slow down and think as I write instead of just rushing through all the images crowding around in my brain.

So I’m working on some short stories. I have three planned-ish. All involving the same unnamed couple (but I kind of like the effect this series has, with them being unnamed.) They should keep me busy for a few days while I do some research and development on some other novel-length projects. Today was, after all, Day 64. Another 36 days left in this round, and then eight weeks until NaNo.

I think that, after NaNo, I’m going to switch gears to editing and writing second drafts. Maybe do a combination of both. 500 words a day on a new project, and then, say, an hour or two a day editing and rewriting. Working on all these projects doesn’t get me very far if I don’t at least try to get something polished up for submission.

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