Daily Divulge: Catching-Up (Again)

I fell behind again yesterday, but with good reason! I spent my time editing the mermaid piece, and when I was done that, I had no creative juice left.

But I found it today. So I’m caught up, and well on my way to finishing another short story, one I’ve been playing around with off and on for years. It’s a background piece for Deirdre, my shaman character, so it’s never been that important before. Well, not important that I write it down, I mean. It’s important to her, important that I keep it in mind when I’m writing her, but not…on its own.

Until now. With my jewelry, I make a line of stone chip bracelets and necklaces that are inspired by Deirdre and her shamanic work. And I’ve been toying with the idea of selling copies of my short stories, sealed up in envelopes, at markets and online. Well, mostly online. But then I got the idea to write about Deirdre, because then I could bring the inspiration for the line to my market table. It’ll be short stories, maybe a serial novella. Probably all before the events of the first novel. At this point, anyway. Who knows. If I get that novel polished and sent off and someone decides to publish it, maybe I’ll write smaller stories, the ones that happen in between the big ones.

Huh. I’ve toyed with the idea of signing up on Patreon, but never went through with it because I felt I couldn’t offer anything interesting, primarily to the lower price brackets. Most of the people I’ve seen on Patreon can draw, so they provide digital images or whatever. The one I support has special stickers that she sends out every month. But maybe I can do the same thing with the stories.

Something to consider, I guess. Not that I really have the sort of following to make Patreon worth it. But it would force me to write more. Which is not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all.

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