Daily Divulge: That’s Refreshing

I’ve been falling behind lately.

Personal stuff is dragging me down, for the most part. Also, we switched back to mornings at the bookstore, so I’m still adjusting to the new schedule. Well, scrambling to try and figure out a whole new schedule to replace the perfectly good one that I used to have.

So I’ve been kind of listless with my writing. I’d also basically run out of ideas for things to work on. I spent a couple of days cranking out this thin, awful short story about telepaths. I may not even finish it properly. It will certainly live out its days hidden in the depths of my hard drive.

I don’t know, it was something to write.

So anyway, I need to crank out 2435 words today in order to catch up. And considering today is Day 96, I really want to catch up!

I was dragging my feet for a while. I started working on a new story about Deirdre, and the most wonderful thing happened. I was writing and writing and writing, and then I happened to glance down at the counter…BAM! 1159 words down. Like nothing. That hasn’t happened in a long time, and I’m so relieved it did. Lately, writing has been like pulling teeth (which I shouldn’t joke about, since I’m pretty sure I’m in dire need of a dentist’s drill.)

Gonna take a short break for a bit, get some caffeine. We have to do an overnight inventory on Sunday, so I get to shift BACK to the night-owl gig for one day, and then back to morning zombie. Hooray.

(People really need to stop asking me “How are you?” at five AM. I’m fucking tired!)

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